MPH (Media Player Hotkeys)

Title: MPH (Media Player Hotkeys)
Description: MPH (Media Player Hotkeys) is a hotkey application designed to allow you to control various audio, video and media players from one set of global hotkeys.
    - Hotkeyable actions: Play, Pause, PlayPause, Stop, Next, Previous, Volume Up, Volume Down, Volume Mute and Show Popup Menu.
    - You can set however many hotkeys per action as you would like.
    - Extremely flexible hotkey system including mouse buttons and the mouse wheel.
    - Popup menu has configurable icon size: 16, 32, 48, 64 or 128 pixels.
    - Currently, ~25 applications are fully or partially supported: 1×1, AIMP, AIMP3, AIMP4, ALPlayer, ALSong, Billy, CoolPlayer, Foobar2000 WA, Foobar2000, KMPlayer, Light Alloy, Media Player Classic, Pandora Desktop App, PotPlayer, Quintessential Media Player, Screamer Radio, STP, Spider Player, Spotify, Trout, VLC, Winamp, and Windows Media Player.
Version: 1.1.3 (2016-02-29)
Supported OS: Windows 7. Probably works, but not tested, on Windows XP/Vista/8/10.
History: Changelog
Download: (portable)
Installation: Unzip to its own folder and run MPH.exe.
Discussion forum: Here
PAD file: Here
Screencast: Here
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