All of my applications are freeware, for personal use, with no strings attached. For commercial use, I use the DonationCoder commercial licensing terms — see for more details.

That said, all my software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will I be held liable for any damages arising from the use of my software.

Some of the more popular applications are Trout, sWeather, PlayTime, epCheck, and Splat.

If you find my software useful, and are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation using one of the Donate links in the sidebar. If you are not in a position to do so, please continue to use the software with my compliments. Thank you.

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Album Printer
Build a list of artists and albums in your music collection.

A rotating, automatic-prompting personal text log.

Arti (Aspect Ratio Tool for Images)
Lists aspect ratios for images. Exact ratios are listed in addition to a nearest match ratio based on a configurable preset list.

Generate progress bars related to your projects.

Track the accuracy of your goals, predictions or promises.

A simple, straightforward app to help keep track of birthdays.

Boot Snooze
Reboot your computer and make it automatically hibernate or standby.

Chopping List
Split text files out to multiple files based on a custom delimiter.

Aggregate text copied to the clipboard.

Comic Book Archive Creator
Create Comic Book Archive files from PDF and image files.

CovArt Ops
Scan your album folders for missing cover art.

Delete files and folders sourced from a text file.

Dimensions 2 Folders
Sort image files into folders based on their dimensions.

Drop Zone
Simple drag-n-drop windows to quickly copy or move files.

Convert .URL files to .LNK files.

Easily track and view TV series data.

File Bucket
Create a collection of files and then copy them all to new destination.

File Punter
Use regular expressions to copy/move files into dynamically generated destination folders.

Files 2 Folder
Shell extension to create a folder & move files into that folder.

Borderless, captionless image viewer with commandline options for display placement.

IE Proxy Toggle
Tray-based program to quickly switch the Internet Explorer proxy on and off.

Keep track of the number of keystrokes you make.

Tray icons for num/caps/scroll lock status. Configurable OSD, too.

List Numberer
Quickly number a text listing in various ways.

Gaplessly loop an audio file.

Neat translucent effect on your entire desktop.

Change mouse acceleration and speed settings from the commandline.

MPH (Media Player Hotkeys)
Control various media players from one set global hotkeys.

GUI front-end for pdfinfo.exe from the Xpdf package from FooLabs.

Piggy Banks
Track 'fund' accounts where a little money is put away each day.

Determine total playtime for music and movie files.

Power Scheme Toggler
Easily switch between two power schemes.

Quickly view all images in a folder structure.

Simple checkbook or bank account register.

Simple checklist app. Just rows of text entries and a checkbox for each. No B.S., i.e., no categories, no sub-tasks, no time tracking, and no other crazy wizzbang features.

Sensatronics Tray Tool
Tray-based monitoring tool for Sensatronic temperature sensors (E4 and U16 models).

GUI front-end for sigheck.exe from Sysinternals.

SFV Ninja
SFV (Simple File Verification) application.

Commandline app to upload an image to Imgur and automatically copy URL to clipboard. Also can be used as a Screenshot Captor upload tool.

Simple Word Gen
Create random word lists.

Size Matters
Easily track lists of files and their sizes.

Snap DB
Simple, flat-file database/list app.

Wallpaper switcher with a twist.

Compression app with some unique methods.

Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination)
Profile-based program launcher.

Recursively create .m3u playlist files.

Squeaky Mouse
Play sounds when clicking mouse buttons.

Simple stock quote tracker with CSV export.

Steam URL Converter
Convert Steam URL shortcuts to regular Windows shortcuts.

Tiny, tray-based utility that gives you the option to shutdown, restart, switch user, log off, lock, sleep, or hibernate your computer.

Commandline WAV file player.

Tray-based weather app with multiple location support.

Switch two file's names with a drag & drop GUI.

Tags 2 Folders
Sort audio files into folders based on their tags.

Ten Timer
Simple, multiple timer app.

Text 2 Folders
Create folders based on a simple text file.

View information related to tiff image files.

TIFFsy Turvy
Extract multi-page TIFF files, rotate and export to jpg in one step.

Quickly find malformed, i.e. DRM, audio tracks in your collection.

Music player.

Video 2 MP3
Automatically extract audio from a video file and make an MP3 of it.

System tray hotkey-driven volume controller.

Waste Not
Keep track of what's in the fridge and their expiration dates.

Wallpaper Welder
Create a wallpaper using a separate image per monitor (for multiple monitor setups).

Zero Zipper
Clone a folder/file structure as zero-byte and zip them.