Title: PlayTime
Description: Quickly calculate the total play time of a list of most any music or movie file. That was the original request. Due to further user requests, PlayTime has since been expanded to be a fairly complete front-end for the MediaInfo library. Check out the screenshot.
Version: 1.4.5 (2015-09-08)
Supported OS: Windows 7. Probably works, but not tested, on Windows XP/Vista/8/10.
History: Changelog
Download: (Portable)
Note: From v1.2.3 forward, PlayTime is Unicode compatible and will only work with Windows XP or later. If you want the last non-Unicode build (v1.2.2), you can download it here: PlayTime v1.2.2
Installation: Unzip to its own folder and run PlayTime.exe.
Discussion forum: Here
PAD file: Here
    - Drag & drop interface.
    - Export all/selected rows to CSV file.
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